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A look back

Oct 23, 2021

Have you ever had one of those moments where you would just suddenly stare in to space and all those past memories starts flashing back? Well I've had many of those moments the past few days, all triggered by simply glancing into my old canon camera, pill case by the night stand, dusty books, and many more.

I know I had to go through so much to get where I am now, but really and truly, what matters the most is my personal growth for the past year.

My mental health. I have been on SSRIs for about 8 months and I am happy to say that I'm now down to my last week! You have no idea how relieving it is to finally be off meds! Overall I am thankful I am able to get help for my condition and overcome it... hopefully I won't be needing the meds anymore!

My small business. From zero to almost 2,000 followers on instagram, very thankful for those who have supported our small business @thebeautywanderer! I vividly remember us conceptualising our brand, from colour palette to packaging, marketing, and advertisements. It definitely wasn't a paved road but thankful to my business partners for being resilient. We now have our  own website, and we are targeting into fulfilling everybody's order in 1-2 business days. If you are based in the Cayman Islands, show us some love by following our Facebook and/or  Instagram.

My CFA journey. Unfortunately all those months of studying still I wasn't able to make it to Level 1 but I have no doubt I can get the charter through hard work and perseverance! I will be retaking my Level 1 next year in May so I will be very busy again in next couple of months! I have a lot of lessons learned from my first attempt, and I'm excited to crush it on my 2nd one!

My career. I love working at EFG Bank. There I said it! I love my boss too, Lainey, she is a huge inspiration to me! She is the woman I aspire to become. She is a good mentor and support system. In the few months of working with her, I can tell I have already grown so much. Also by being a mentor to the new temps made me even appreciate and understand my work better. The company has also sponsored my classes at the Chamber of Commerce, so yes guys, EFG is the place to be!

My life in general. I am just truly blessed. I am very contented with my life, my family is healthy and I have a partner who loves me so much. I have a roof under my head, I can eat whatever I want anytime I want, and I can sleep peacefully at night knowing I have not wronged anyone. These are some underrated blessings that most people fail to appreciate. But for me, I have nothing more to ask for. :) 

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