I was at work having lunch earlier today, I was browsing through my bloglist, and I came across this article entitled Is there still a place for personal blog posts? The moment I saw the title I was like, how can you read my mind?! I was thinking the exact same thing. When I started blogging years ago, the blogs I follow are purely personal. Whenever I visit their page I feel like I was reading someone else's diary. It was so therapeutic indulging in their thoughts. I felt like I had a genuine connection with them even though I was just a silent reader and don't really comment. Fast forward to today, majority of them stopped writing because I guess they have matured, and choose to live their lives as it is? Nevertheless, I'm still always looking for organic bloggers like them and try to connect.

Most bloggers nowadays have shifted from writing personal pieces to  more entrepreneurial ones. I would often see the posts like "How to grow your blog" or "Make money through blogging" or "Pinterest / Instagram algorithm guides" here and there but rarely do I see someone talking about their daily lives. Maybe I'm on the wrong side of the cyberspace? Or maybe we have all evolved? Don't get me wrong, my niche is also slowly drifting to that side and I post a lot about know-hows on living in the Cayman Islands. I don't want to lose that personal aspect though, and hopefully the others too.

So about my day, it was a bit busier than a normal since yesterday was a public holiday. My deliverables have piled up. These past few days I don't really spend a full hour lunch break because I want to finish as much tasks as I can so I could go home at exactly 5 o'clock. I sit at the end of the office by the way, alone, so silence has been my best friend since day one. One good thing is I sit near the pantry (or kitchen / lunch room as they would say). I have a small tumbler with me so whenever I finish drinking my water, I get to stand up and refill. That happens every hour or so, thus I get a little bit of exercise and a quick wakeup call lol. I do appreciate some of my co workers that roam around and checkup on everybody. It gets boring sometimes to be honest. By 12noon I would put on my headphones and play some good music to lighten the mood; half of the day has passed, half more to go!

I try my best to have a work-life balance. I like going home when the sun is still up, especially when it's the golden hour; it makes everything look picturesque. It makes me feel like there is still life after work, if you know what I mean? You know how depressing it is when you go to work before the sun rises, and go home after the sun has set? Like the day just passed you by. Well that's just me, because I work in a "box" and the sun don't really shine on me that much.

As I was walking home earlier I thought, why not share some snippets of my neighbourhood with you? So you could see mundane things I see on a daily basis. As simple as it is :)