Everytime I'm with my friends I tend to be very vocal about my stance on politics. I would often tell them about how governance is like in the Philippines, just so they could get an idea of what it is like on the other side of the world. Elections probaby is  the most dangerous day especially for politicians and media men, and most people would just dismiss the importance of voting. I remember one of my friends said he has only voted once in his entire life because he doesn't really see its essence. He just minds his own business and carry on with life. This is not surprising as there will always be a part of the population who are indifferent about national issues. But ofcourse, like any other sane person, I persuaded him into voting; and today I'm also going to give you five reasons why you should exercise your right to vote.

1. It is your civic duty

As a citizen of your country, you have the social obligation to participate in the decision of how it is going to be governed. The very first step towards that is to vote for those who will best represent the quality of life you want to have. You are given this right, so don't waste it. In the past, women were not allowed to vote. Black people were not permitted as well. Can't you see this priviledge being given to you? Use your democracy wisely.

2. Make your voice be heard

Imagine not participating in elections, yet you complain about your government. Imagine paying taxes but not getting proper health care or even at the simplest, good public transportation. How can you stomach the fact the you are so frustrated in the current governance when you didn't even vote. You have a chance for your voice to be heard, and that is through voting.

3. It is your money (in taxes) and way of life in the line

I can't stress this enough. You are literally handing over your future to these people who will lead your nation. You have that one day to decide how life is going to be not only for you, but your entire community. Remember, you are paying  your government money (in taxes) so they could make life easier for you and your family -- access to proper health care, retirement, education, jobs, and more. Just this pandemic alone, try to reflect on how your government handled the situation. If you are okay about it, then good, you probably made the right decision last election. If you aren't, well you know the answer.

4. Failure of elections

If you think your vote is only a one small thing compared to millions of voters, well, guess what would happen if all those voters thought the same way as you did? Elections will fail. If you don't like any of your candidates, still show up, and vote to abstain. It is still participating in the elections. It's like telling your government that "Hey, I don't like any of these people so I'm not voting any of them". Instead of not showing up at all, that's like being silent without having a say in it. Remember point #2, make your voice be heard.

5. If you want change, your country depends on you

Every election is an opportunity for change. If you want to make a positive impact not only for you and your family but also for the entire community, then vote. Choose your candidates wisely, know where they stand on national issues and make sure they can represent you the best. If you want change, then you know what to do.

Before election day, make sure you are prepared.

  1. Register to vote,
  2. Find out where your polling place is,
  3. Research about the candidates and what they stand for,
  4. Make a list of your chosen ones,
  5. Cast your ballot

Remember, if for some reason you decide to sell your vote, you are just letting these politicians silence you. They will most likely be corrupt, and that small amount of money they gave you? They will take that back ten-fold in the taxes you will pay them in the future.

Photo is from unsplash.